About Us

First of all we want to introduce ourselves:

We are Ton & Silvia Olieslagers from Boekel (The Netherlands) and we have a greatly sought for the beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier.

About 4,5 years ago (1999) after one of our dogs reached a age we hade to put him to sleep we bought our first amstaff named "Tomba". With him we did several obiedence trainings with success.

Because we didn't know too much about this breed we bought a amstaaf with the wrong colours.

At that time we visit our first dogshow en found out that our "Tomba" didn't had the wright colours to compeet in the shows.At one of those shows there was a dog (Ch. White Rock Chaskras El Diego) who made a great impression to us. We decided to try to get a puppy of this dog.

Therby we met the family Diaz from the "CHASQUI" kennel.

This kennel expected within a few months puppys (june 2000) and we put our self on the waitinglist.

After a while we're invited to pick one of the puppys and our choice was a blue streamlined bitch. We called her "Chasqui Firebal Dusty" with Dusty for short. Also with yhis dog we did successfully several obiedence trainings. We entered here in the dogshows when she reached the right age and we're proud to say that she did very well, in her first show in Roterdam 2001 she became 2nd in youthclass right after her sister "Chasqui Indy Blue".

In the meantime she earned 3½ CAC championshipspoints, this means she still need ½point for dutch champion.

About a year ago we brought a visit to the Diaz family to show them Dusty and to talk about our dogs. There we saw a male dog who attract our attention.Frans told us this dog wasn't too good for his kennel, we offered Frans to take this dog and train him for the dogshows. Frans his wife Mary became co-owner of Jack.

This male dog has the same father as our Dusty. We named him "Chasqui Candle Jack", We have him now since june 2002 in our family and what he did sofar beats everything.

After we did a few shows in The Netherlands John Spronck made a suggestion to try some shows in Germany with Jack. So we went to the biggest show in Germany "de Bundessieger". After winning the open class Jack became 2nd best male dog of the his breed.

We did several shows more in The Netherlands and Germany what results that we have now enough points for the German Championship. But there should be a minimun of 1 year between the first and the last point. Because of the success of  last year in Germany we decide to go to the worldshow in Dortmund, Germany. They were held on 29 may 2003. They put Jack in the open class what means older than 15 months, there was a total of 23 male dogs from different countries. Our "super" Jack (the nickname some people gave him) impressed judge Lothary Ortlieb from Germany and became no: 1. This was unbelieveble for us. After this result Jack had to compete the champion from the championsclass male dogs for the CAC and this was a german dog but again the judge put our Jack no: 1 and so he became "WORLDCHAMPION MALE DOG". So for the next step compeeting the best bitch and two champions from the youthclass. The tension was almost killing me........the judge let the dogs walk a few laps and went to the no: 1 spot at that moment Ton walked by with Jack and the judge congratulates Ton, i was in heaven and i've been there the whole day and sometimes i still are. "WORLDCHAMPION OVERALL". We were hoping for a good result (maybe a top 4 position in the open class) but usually we go to a show to have a good time and than this happens it's unbelievable.......

After this victory we found out that Jack was the 6th kid of his father who became a champion.

In october 2003 Jack became German champion at the Bundessieger show in Dortmund, Germany and two weeks later at 2nd of november he became Danish champion. In The Netherlands he's doing extremly well he has already 3½ championships point.

So you will understand that makes us very proud.

At last we want to thank the Diaz family (Chasqui kennel) for these two magnicifent dogs and for all their faith they gave us and thanks to Olaf Verhorevoort (owner of Ch. White Rock Chaskras El Diego) for all his help and good advices.

Love from  Ton &  Silvia Olieslagers, "Stonil's" kennel

30th november 2003